The Lifeline Program is now available; read more in how to apply here.

*If you qualify for the Lifeline Program, please be sure to contact SHELD Customer Service to supply the Application ID# to begin receiving the benefit discount.

Business Internet
Connect with customers, faster & more reliably
South Hadley businesses now have internet service that delivers gig speeds up and down
Small Business Gig
Up to 6 Users / $149 MONTH

With up to 1-gig symmetrical upload and download speeds and options for 3-year and 5-year contracts, you can support all your small business needs.

Business Gig
Up to 25 Users / $199 MONTH

Give your productivity the boost of symmetrical gig speed business internet. For just $199/month, you can upload and download at blazing, all-fiber network speeds. Static IP available ($12.95/mo).

Corporate Gig
Up to 50 Users / $499 MONTH

Larger organizations are more likely to be hampered by data bottlenecks. Fiberspring internet service will keep all your workstations humming: get rid of that buffering wheel forever! Static IP available ($12.95/mo).

If you’re located in South Hadley, you can apply for Fiberspring business internet today. We even offer options for a static IP address. We will work with you - It’s your gig!

Keeping you connected to customers & partners

You don’t have to be a tech-sector business to benefit from all-fiber internet service. Whether it’s video conferencing with a prospective client or uploading large files for a strategic partner, there’s no reason for your business to lag behind. Even remote monitoring of security cameras can be made more reliable with gig speed internet.

Turn it up with greater speed & reliability

If your business relies on internet that’s being carried on the same copper cables that are delivering television signals, your data faces a lot of traffic. Fiberspring’s all-fiber network connects you to an open highway of bandwidth, while avoiding interference sources that can affect copper-carried signals. Plus, you get the same gig speed up and down!

True commitment to South Hadley business

Fiberspring is powered by SHELD: we have no shareholders to satisfy, only customers! Our expert techs helped lay the groundwork for fiber internet in the Pioneer Valley over the past decade. From contract options of either three or five years, free site assessment, WiFi configuration consulting, we will make sure your business benefits from homegrown gig speed internet.